Edmee S. Sail to Oxford

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We successfully sailed the Edmee S. from St. Michaels to Oxford! We had a great day to sail with plenty of wind, the weather this morning was rainy with severe thunderstorms last night making a very wet and soggy morning. We managed to get her all rigged and ready to go, unfortunately one of our chase boats ( Volunteer) was having technical difficulties so we were unable to use her at all, but with the help of Old Point we had at least one chase boat to watch over us. It was tricky in the morning getting out of the miles river, still wet and slippery from the rain and plenty of wind from the storm front still looming but we managed to get out to eastern bay and went on a nice long reach. It got a little more rough the further we went out into the bay, near the Kent narrows we did a lot of rockin' & rollin' but kept everyone on board and didn't wash a single board man.

Edmee S. Sail to Oxford from John J on Vimeo.

Old Point was unable to tow us so we had to wait for help from another chase boat so we took advantage of that downtime and rafted up and ate lunch and swapped out a fresh crew. After we made it through the narrows the blue skies broke through and it was smooth sailing from there on out. Edmee S. sailed in close to the Tred Avon Yacht club and dropped off her cargo of one watermelon and one delicious ham, and expensive freight. The sun slowly disappeared as we approached the dock on the Belvue side of the river ending a perfect day of sailing with a nice cool evening!