CBMM Small Craft Festival (October 3rd)

Edmee S. will be sailing all day at the small craft festival, and she will also be taking on guests who want to experience sailing a Chesapeake Bay Log Canoe!

"Mid-Atlantic Small Craft Festival Saturday, October 3, 10am-5pm

One of the most popular gatherings of small and unique water craft in the U.S. – the 27th Mid Atlantic Small Craft Festival –takes place at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum on Saturday, October 3, from 10:00am – 5:00pm.

More than 200 unique small craft will be on display, including kayaks, canoes, paddle boats, rowing shells, sailing skiffs, prams and the unusual “one-of-a-kinds.” Proud boat owners – many who hail from ports up and down the East Coast—will offer boat building demonstrations as well sailing, paddling, and rowing competition. The  Museum’s boat yard staff, and instructors from the Chesapeake Wooden Boat Builders School,  will also be on hand to offer maritime demonstrations."