Chesapeake Bay Log Sailing Canoe Association’s Skippers and Owners Meeting March 18, 2012

To all Log Canoe skippers and owners there is a meeting being held on March 18th at 11:00am at (MRYC) Miles River Yacht Club. A few bullet point on the agendas being discussed are:

  • Loose footed jibs
  • "Running rigging" on the foremast
  • the appointment 1 head-measures & 3 assistant-measures
  • Race Scoring (for series longer than a regatta)
  • "Battle of the Bays Regatta" invitation
  • Social Events
Along with other business, all the information is contained in the press release in the link bellow.

Meeting Agenda

Labor Day Series NOR

Notice of Race

The races for this weekend are scheduled as follows:

Saturday Septemeber 10th

  • Governors Cup (make-up Race) is set with a warning signal at 10:00am
  • Race 1 of the Labor Day series is set with a warning signal at 2:00pm

Sunday September 11th

  • Race 2 of the Labor Day series is set with a warning signal at 10:00am
  • Race 3 of the Labor Day series is set with a warning signal scheduled for Immediately afer the second Race or 2:00pm

New CBLSCA Officers Selected!

The Chesapeake Bay Log Sailing Canoe Association was called together in a formal meeting on Saturday, June 25th. The new officers are:

Commodore - Brad Johnson Vice Commodore - Marshall Patterson Rear Commodore - Cory duPont Secretary Treasurer - Jeannie Wilson

A measurer is still needed, to officially measure all the log canoes in case any of the ratings need to be changed.

The Rules and Bylaws were reviewed and are now available to download:



Race Schedule for 2011

Miles River Yacht Club 4th of July Series                                   June 25th and 26th

Chester River Yacht & Country Club                                           July 9th and 10th

Rock Hall Yacht Club                                                                   July 16th and 17th

Miles River Yacht Club Governors Cup Weekend                       July 30th and 31st.

Tred Avon Yacht Club Annual Regatta                                        August 13th and 14th

Tred Avon Yacht Club Heritage Weekend                                   August 27th and 28th

Miles River Yacht Club Labor Day Series                                   September 10th and 11th

Miles River Yacht Club                                                                September 17th

Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum Bartlett Cup                         September 18th.

Oxford Annual Regatta Series

The NOR and SI's have been posted on the TAYC's website here,


The first race scheduled on Saturday, August 14th  for the Log Canoes is set for a 10:30am warning signal. The second race for Saturday, August 14th is set for a 2:30pm warning signal.

On Sunday August 15th the race is scheduled for a 10:30am warning signal.

The awards ceremony for all the regattas this coming weekend, including the log canoes will be presented at Harliegh (at the home of Chip and Sally Akridge) around 4:30pm Sunday, August 15th. *Jacket and tie Required*

Governors cup series

The races for this weekend are scheduled for Saturday, July 31st with the first race warning signal at 10am. The second race warning signal scheduled for 2pm. On sunday the race is scheduled with the warning signal at 10am. Sailing instructions

RHYC Series Si's and NOR

The Races will be held on the Chester River, and officiated by the RHYC race committee. On Saturday there are two races scheduled, the first with a warning signal at 10:00am and the second race is scheduled with a warning signal at 2:30pm.

On Sunday there is one race scheduled for 10:00am then a lunch break and award ceremony scheduled thereafter.


Sailing Instructions

It begins.... Again...

Well it's finally here, the start of the 2010 Log Canoe Season! Today (Saturday June 26th) there will be one race, starting at or around 2:30pm. Then two races on Sunday (June 27th) I'm assuming that the first race will be a 10:00am Start and the second race will be a 2:00pm or 2:30pm start.

The winter was pretty intense this year and Canoe season came up very quick, which is a nice alternative to 22 inches of snow. This will be our 151st year of organized Log Canoe Racing which we are all proud to continue the tradition.

The JayDee has been stripped down, and refitted (restored) this winter and sailed her first sail last night. Successfully!! It is not only exciting to see a Log Canoe get restored and become faster, stronger, better, but also this will add another 20-30 years onto her life span for the next generation keeping this ancient sport alive.

Come down to the MRYC or the Miles River today around 2pm and support the Log Canoes!

Calling all Log Canoers!!!!!

Kyle Leaverton, a boardman from Mystery and film student at Wilmington University, is making a documentary about the Chesapeake Bay Log Canoes as a whole and need yours help! Kyle is looking to interview anyone involved in Log Canoeing, especially those who have owned and sailed for many years. He is also looking for any pictures and stories, which I'm sure there are quite a lot out there! And if anyone has any footage/video of a Log Canoe under sail or a race that would be awesome as well.

Kyle will be available from April 3rd to April 10th to interview anyone interested in participating in this project.

Please contact him at,

(410) 708-5365

Jay Dee Gets Re-fitted!

Update: [06/20/2010] Jay Dee is all finished and was luanhced friday June 19th at the MRYC, she is sitting on her trailer and Canoes Harbor awaiting the start of the racing season.

The mighty Jay Dee was taken to Campbell's Boat Yard in Oxford hauled out of the water flipped over and stripped of her fiberglass in the effort to remove excess water and preserve her for generations to come. The project will take most of the winter and is very exciting for the fleet to keep the Canoes maintained and racing!

Check back often as I will be updating the slide show as the progress continues..
{Updated 06/20/2010}
[pictobrowser 23882489@N04 72157622441336493]

The Loss of a Log Canoer

From Duke Adams, "John West, foretender and boardman on Patricia and then Oliver's gift for over 35 years died early January 2010 from pancreatic cancer. He was a great friend, crew mate, and honest gentleman and will be missed by all that knew him. -Crew of Oliver's gift"

CBMM Small Craft Festival (October 3rd)

Edmee S. will be sailing all day at the small craft festival, and she will also be taking on guests who want to experience sailing a Chesapeake Bay Log Canoe!

"Mid-Atlantic Small Craft Festival Saturday, October 3, 10am-5pm

One of the most popular gatherings of small and unique water craft in the U.S. – the 27th Mid Atlantic Small Craft Festival –takes place at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum on Saturday, October 3, from 10:00am – 5:00pm.

More than 200 unique small craft will be on display, including kayaks, canoes, paddle boats, rowing shells, sailing skiffs, prams and the unusual “one-of-a-kinds.” Proud boat owners – many who hail from ports up and down the East Coast—will offer boat building demonstrations as well sailing, paddling, and rowing competition. The  Museum’s boat yard staff, and instructors from the Chesapeake Wooden Boat Builders School,  will also be on hand to offer maritime demonstrations."