TAYC Regatta SI's

Here are the Sailing Instructions for the Tred Avon Yacht Club Annual Regatta for the log canoe races. Saturday the warning signals are set for 10:30am for the first race, and 2:30pm for the second race. On Sunday the warning signal is set for 10:30am.

~TAYC Regatta SI's ALPHA~

On Saturday along with the Log Canoes the TAYC/CBYC will be having the "Race to Oxford" for PHRF boats starting at 12am and will include (PHRF N, PHRF C/D, PHRF B, PHRF A3, PHRF A2, J235 and PHRF A0/A1) classes starting in that order 5 minutes apart. There is also Annual Regatta by the TAYC which will inlcude (420, Laser, Laser Radial, Optimist, Penguin, and Snipe) Classes starting at 11am and 10am on Sunday. On Sunday there will be the Robert K. Robson Memorial "Round-The-Bouys-Race" with warning at 9:30am starting at 9:35am in this order [PHRF A0/A1(9:40am), J/35(9:40am), PHRF A2(9:45am), PHRf A3(9:50), PHRF B(9:55am), PHRF C/D(10am), and PHRF N(10:05am)]

Award Ceremonies for all races for the entire weekend will be held at Harleigh on Oxford Road (coat and tie required.)