RHYC Series Results!

1st Race (Saturday, July 19th)

The first race was set "A,R,S" roughly around 5nm, with the race starting on time at 10:10am. There was plenty of wind around 10-15knots at least. Only 6 of the 14 canoes registered raced this weekend.

Pos Sail Boat Rating Finish Time Time Allowance Corrected Time Time Behind Penalty Pts
1 8 Mystery 17.28 11:00:41.0 00:01:26.4 00:49:14.6 00:00:00.0 1.0
2 4 Island Bird 82.92 11:07:22.0 00:06:54.6 00:50:27.4 00:01:12.8 2.0
3 2 Silver Heel 34.68 11:03:22.0 00:02:53.4 00:50:28.6 00:01:14.0 3.0
4 15 Jay Dee 0 11:01:48.0 00:00:00.0 00:51:48.0 00:02:33.4 4.0
5 9 Island Blossom 44.94 11:05:35.0 00:03:44.7 00:51:50.3 00:02:35.7 5.0
6 19 Patricia 72.96 11:10:51.0 00:06:04.8 00:54:46.2 00:05:31.6 6.0

Another great weekend with plenty of air, with a nice short course to start off with! There was plenty of time for lunch, almost too much time as the beer and food set in and soon naps became rampant among crews...

Mystery got the gun!

The Gun


2nd Race (Saturday, July 19th)

After a Looooooong lunch break the carnage continued for another race! The race started at 2:40pm with the course set the same "A,R,S" but "X2" two times around, roughly a 10nm course with steady 15+ knots of wind.

Pos Sail Boat Rating Finish Time Time Allowance Corrected Time Time Behind Penalty Pts
1 9 Island Blossom 44.94 04:14:48.0 00:07:20.4 04:04:47.6 00:00:00.0 1.0
2 15 Jay Dee 0 04:16:24.0 00:00:00.0 04:13:44.0 00:08:56.4 2.0
3 2 Silver Heel 34.68 04:24:03.0 00:05:39.9 04:15:43.1 00:10:55.5 3.0
4 4 Island Bird 82.92 04:35:48.0 00:13:32.6 04:19:35.4 00:14:47.8 4.0
DNF 8 Mystery 17.28 No Time 00:02:49.3 No Time No Time DNF 15.0T
DNS 19 Patricia 72.96 No Time 00:11:55.0 No Time No Time DNS 15.0T

Just as the first race, everyone knew the course only this time twice as long (possibly to wake everyone up from the long lunchtime nap) and plenty of wind to keep everyone on the edge of their boards. Mystery capsized scoring a DNF (an omen of what was to come the next day...) as well as Patrcia capsized before the race and was unable to start scoring a DNS. Silver Heel was dangerously close to going over but managed to stay hot on Jay Dee's stern. Island blossom sailed hard and fast right to the finish, giving a good 2 minutes from Jay Dee, the second to cross the line.

Island Blossom got the gun!

The Gun


3rd Race (Sunday, July 20th)

The race was set again "A,R,S x2" although slightly longer roughly 10-11nm. The race started at 10:10am and with plenty of wind, was about 1hr 30mins+ long.

Pos Sail Boat Rating Finish Time Time Allowance Corrected Time Time Behind Penalty Pts
1 9 Island Blossom 44.94 11:30:19.0 00:06:57.9 01:13:21.1 00:00:00.0 1.0
2 15 Jay Dee 0 11:30:58.0 00:00:00.0 01:20:58.0 00:07:36.9 2.0
3 4 Island Bird 82.92 11:44:56.0 00:12:51.2 01:22:04.8 00:08:43.8 3.0
4 19 Patricia 72.96 11:46:30.0 00:11:18.5 01:25:11.5 00:11:50.4 4.0
5 2 Silver Heel 34.68 11:42:40.0 00:05:22.5 01:27:17.5 00:13:56.4 5.0
DNF 8 Mystery 17.28 No Time 00:02:40.7 No Time No Time DNF 15.0T

The last race of the weekend ended up being a rough one, plenty of wind and 2x around the "ARS" wore us all out. Patricia had some issues with their jib and ran her aground to fix the problem and was the last boat to cross the line. Jay Dee finished close behind Island Blossom only seconds between them (a great weekend for both canoes) Island Bird sailing only under a jib and a foresail (with a blind jib driver) manage to avoid the perils of strong wind and finish a solid "upright" weekend!

Mystery had a massive setback, the foremast gave way and broke in half nearing the finish of the race, obviously unable to finish... Hopefully they will be back this season, but that's a lot to ask for these boats!

Broken Mast


I'm always thrilled to see as many canoes racing together as possible, and with the Spirit of Wyetown back racing, I was very excited for this season. Despite all the competition and rivalries I can honestly say it really is painful to have any canoe seriously damaged during or even towing to races. But as I've come to learn if you want to make an omelet you have break a few eggs! I can appreciate everything that goes into racing these "technological marvels" and I appreciate the entire crew coming out and racing along side us all!

A tribute to them...

Mystery Tribute from John J on Vimeo

Thank you RYHC Race Committee, for hosting a great race weekend!

All race results provided by RHYC Here..


Great pictures from this weekend, courtesy of the RHYC Race Committee..