TAYC Annual Regatta Series Results!!

Results for the Annual Regatta series for the Log canoes. A summary of the weekend..(I will repost more detailed results when/if I receive any)

It was quite a surprising weekend, the wind was predicted to be light and eventually blow out on Saturday but luckily it held and turned out to be a great day. Also on Sunday the wind was not predicted as very much, but it held and we had another great racing day!

We had a few additions this weekend, Noddy made her debut appearance for the season as well as Mary Julia Hall (formerly S.C. Dobson.) But we lost Persistence this weekend. I don't recall Mary Julia Hall starting any of the races, I believe she capsized before she could start the first race and did not come back for the last two.

1st Race (Saturday, August 9th)

We had 12 of the 14 registered Canoes plus 1 more, Mary Julia Hall competed. The wind was predicted to be light in the morning and almost gone by the afternoon, but the Chesapeake Bay is hardly ever predictable. The wind stayed and was fairly strong, (no kites!) Which was great for all the classes sailing, 420, Laser, Laser Radial, Optimist, Penguin, and Snipe. The Race was postponed so the rest of the Canoe fleet could assemble for the start.

The Mary Julia Hall towed out to start the first race but capsized before the start, a few people saw the floating purple crew, they did not make it for the second or third race either. Noddy came, saw, and capsized! Both the first and second race she went over, and lets just forget about the third.... Some Mystery folks were crewing Noddy, which would make a mystery as to why she capsized?!

The Jay Dee hammered through and took the first gun, but corrected to 6th.. Island Lark finishing behind Jay Dee corrected to first, along with Island Blossom behind them at 2nd. Edmee S. had a huge first race, staying well ahead of everyone on the long downwind leg, and came in 3rd! It was almost an obstacle course with the optis, lazers, 420s, and snipes racing all on the Tred Avon. I'm sure the smaller classes didn't mind the massive Log Canoes driving through there courses and pushing them every which way. Blanketing their wind and possibly throwing a beer can or two towards their boat.

2nd Race (Saturday, August 9th)

Again 12 of the 14 competed, plus I believe Mary Julia Hall tried once again. During lunch everyone watched and expected the wind to drop out but held nicely and seemed to get stronger. The course was set almost the same as the morning race, with 2 more marks added.

The starting line was set very close to shore, up the from the TAYC. The depth of the water was a good concern but there seemed to be plenty and I didn't see anyone having any issues with that. The starting line was tight and 2 Canoe were over early Jay Dee and Edmee S., although there seemed to be more canoes over since it was a very close start with Noddy Capsizing right at the start. Jay Dee was able to make a huge comeback on the downwind driving past the rest of the fleet and right into Island Lark. Island Lark was headed for a gun when all of a sudden Island Blossom finds a shift and gets lifted all the way to the finish like a rocket. Island Bird finished slightly ahead of the middle of the fleet, I believe 5-6 across the line, correcting to 3rd.

3rd Race (Sunday, August 10th)

12 of the 14 registered canoes competed this race, minus Mary Julia Hall. The wind held out for another racing day and made for a good race. The course was set with long upwind and downwind leg nearly twice around.

A great start for many, all headed up to Benoni Point then back down to Peck's Point. Island Lark seemed to just take off and never slow down the entire race, just pushing her way further and further ahead of the fleet. (A great victory considering she has capsized on the tow over Friday evening to Oxford). Jay Dee being the closest behind her, watching her plow through the Laser fleet down towards the finish. Nobody even heard the gun and questioned whether she even raced that afternoon or not?! Possibly an apparition of her instead! The rest of the fleet wasn't too far from each other. Jay Dee finishing well ahead of everyone aside from Island Blossom, corrected to 7th. Patricia came up and took 3rd place, her best race of the weekend. Along with Billie P. Hall correcting behind her with 5th. Spirit of Wyetown, Noddy and Silver Heel had a rough weekend finishing at the rear of the fleet overall. Mystery still out of commission...

The award ceremony was held at Harleigh with Jacket and tie required, the awards for entire regatta were given out and at the end the Log Canoe trophies were given out.

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There was also the annual croquet match between Silver Heel and Edmee S., Edmee S. took the victory this year after a 4 year losing streak to Heel.

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