First Race Weekend of '09!

It was one hell of a weekend....

The weather was very nice, not too hot and plenty of wind! The first race was set for a 2pm warning with a decent turn out of canoes, and the course was set A,Z,A,Z,A.

Heading to the first mark of the course Jay Dee had major failure... The bow sprit snapped right off causing the jib to flip around behind the foresail then 3 seconds later the foremast snapped right in half bringing all the sails and rigging down with it. It was like someone pulled the emergency brake! Although everyone was not hurt and accounted for there was just a sense of confusion and shock. Then began the task of de-rigging and towing in to shore for who knows how long....

While this series of unfortunate events was unfolding, up the course at the triangular government mark The Island bird jibbed accidentally and capsized onto the mark becoming skewered by the triangle. Eventually the sharp metal sliced right through the mainsail and had to be cut to get free of the mark...

Back down toward the leward mark the Island Blossom sailing hard fell into the  same luck as the other two canoes of the north family, and capsized.. Possibly a first as far as anyone can remeber!

Edmee S. had much more luck going for her, making it slightly further than Jay Dee and Island Bird but eventually capsizing.

We towed into the dock and watched the finish, as we did Silver Heel went down right in front of our eyes..

Much Carnage for the first weekend, there wasn't much celebrating on the miles!

And that was just Saturday!!

Returning back to the dock and watching the finsih of the race we slowly saw Silver heel , heel right over into the water with no coming back..