Edmee S. sails the Atlantic! (or something...)

Edmee S. is planning to sail from St. Michaels to Oxford in honor of the 150th year of log canoe racing. 150 years ago no one was towing around in relative comfort and no one was trailering to a convenient boat ramp - they were real sailors who bucked up, put up a sail, and delivered the boat. Okay, they may have had less sail area, but when was the last time you sailed a canoe in the Bay proper?

Here's the plan: Thursday, August 6th, 10:30am... We will start at Green "1" at the mouth of the Miles River (Deep Water Point) Once the canoe is south of Green "1" entrance to Knapps Narrows, you can drop sails and tow through. Once East of Green "5" on the Choptank side of the narrows, you must start sailing again. Finish will be R"2" off the Tred Avon Yacht Club.

Rain day is Friday, August 7th, 10:30am.

We're planning to bring two chase boats and several extra crew. We're also going to try to bring some photographers from local news groups. Sailing through Knapps Narrows is not allowed (bridge tender would get mad). If you can't convince your skipper to sail around, come with us! We'll gladly accept any real sailors in need of an adventure.

Could be stupid, could be fun - most likely both. First one there gets bragging rights for the next 150 years.