TAYC Herritage Series Results

Another exciting weekend on the Tred Avon river.. On saturday we had almost no wind drifting around most of the morning, then we raced a very short course (round the mark and back to finish) then the afternoon the wind picked up... The course was set about 5-6 marks, we sailed up river and rounded the government mark "X" and headed back up but unfortunately the skies darkened and rain began to sprinkle down. Looking back we see a line of grey along the water and dark clouds rumbling. The race committee shortened the race at the start line and everyone managed to finish, take down sails and tow back that's when the deluge came down upon us not stopping until later that evening! Oxford road was flooded and closed down around 7pm. There didn't seem to be any major catastrophes. The next day proved a little fairer, the winds picked up only slightly for the morning race. The course was set "O3" olympic three times around. We postponed and the race committee moved the starting line all the way out between Benoni point and Bachelors point, towards the wind. The rounding of the first mark of the course took an eternity, more than an hour to reach... The wind eventually picked up slightly, the committee boat changed the windward mark and we continued our three times around! Unfortunately as it states in the rules of the sailing instructions all boats must sail on the channel side of of the government mark off benoni point and not inside, 3 canoes did not follow this rule and "RAF" Silver Heel, Edmee S. and Island Lark..

Pos Sail# Boat Skipper Rating Club 1st Race 2nd Race 3rd Race Total Points
1 9 Island Blossom PENWELL, CORBIN 44.94 MRYC 4 1 2 7
2 19 Patricia MACIELAG, JOHN 72.96 RHYC 1 3 3 7
3 15 JayDee NORTH, DANIEL 0 MRYC 6 7 1 14
4 2 Silver Heel ESSLINGER, PETER 34.68 CBYRC 3 2 RAF 14
5 3 Magic WILSON, JASON 31.68 2 8 4 14
6 4 Island Bird NORTH, JOHN 82.92 CBYC 7 4 5 16
7 20 Edmee S. PATTERSON, MARSHALL 40.14 CBMM 5 6 RAF 20
8 16 Island Lark DUPONT, TAD 32.4 TAYC 8 5 RAF 22