2012 Schedule




Yacht Club


June 23rd -24th

4th of July Series

St. Michaels, Md


Miles River

July 14th -15th

Chester River Yacht & Country Club Series

Centreville, Md


Chester River

July 21th -22th

Rockhall Yacht Club Series

Rockhall, Md


Chester River

July 28th -29th

Governors Cup

St. Michaels, Md


Miles River

August 11th -12th

Tred Avon Yacht Club Annual Regatta

Oxford, Md


Tred Avon River

August 25th -26th

Tred Avon Yacht Club Heritage Series

Oxford, Md


Tred Avon River

September 8th -9th

Miles River Labor Day Series

St. Michaels, Md


Miles River

September 15th

Miles River Yatch Club Series

St. Michaels, Md


Miles River

September 16th

Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum Series

St. Michaels, Md


Miles River

MRYC & CBMM Series Results

Pos Sail Boat Skipper 1 2 3 Total Points Pos
1 9 Island Blossom Penwell, Corbin 1 1 3 5.00 1
2 15 Jay Dee North, Dan 3 4 2 9.00 2
3 16 Island Lark duPont, T.C. 2 2 6 10.00 3
4 4 Island Bird North, John 4 5 4 13.00 4
5 19 Patricia Macielag, John 16/DNC 3 1 20.00 5
6 8 Mystery Schauber, Fran 5 8 8 21.00 6
7 20 Edmee S. Patterson, John 16/DNC 7 5 28.00 7
8 2 Silver Heel Kurland, Berry 16/DNF 6 7 29.00 8
9T 1 Noddy Johnson, Brad 16/DNC 16/DNC 16/DNC 48.00T 9T
9T 3 Magic Wilson, Jason 16/DNC 16/DNC 16/DNC 48.00T 9T
9T 5 Billie P. Hall Callahan, Sean 16/DNC 16/DNC 16/DNC 48.00T 9T
9T 6 Mary Julia Hall Smith, James 16/DNC 16/DNC 16/DNC 48.00T 9T
9T 10 Oliver's Gift Adams, Meredith 16/DNC 16/DNC 16/DNC 48.00T 9T
9T 12 Persistence Johnson, Brad 16/DNC 16/DNC 16/DNC 48.00T 9T
9T 18 Spirit of WyeTowne White, January 16/DNC 16/DNC 16/DNC 48.00T 9T

Jimmy Wilson Cup Results

2009 High Point

TAYC Herritage Series Results

Another exciting weekend on the Tred Avon river.. On saturday we had almost no wind drifting around most of the morning, then we raced a very short course (round the mark and back to finish) then the afternoon the wind picked up... The course was set about 5-6 marks, we sailed up river and rounded the government mark "X" and headed back up but unfortunately the skies darkened and rain began to sprinkle down. Looking back we see a line of grey along the water and dark clouds rumbling. The race committee shortened the race at the start line and everyone managed to finish, take down sails and tow back that's when the deluge came down upon us not stopping until later that evening! Oxford road was flooded and closed down around 7pm. There didn't seem to be any major catastrophes. The next day proved a little fairer, the winds picked up only slightly for the morning race. The course was set "O3" olympic three times around. We postponed and the race committee moved the starting line all the way out between Benoni point and Bachelors point, towards the wind. The rounding of the first mark of the course took an eternity, more than an hour to reach... The wind eventually picked up slightly, the committee boat changed the windward mark and we continued our three times around! Unfortunately as it states in the rules of the sailing instructions all boats must sail on the channel side of of the government mark off benoni point and not inside, 3 canoes did not follow this rule and "RAF" Silver Heel, Edmee S. and Island Lark..

Pos Sail# Boat Skipper Rating Club 1st Race 2nd Race 3rd Race Total Points
1 9 Island Blossom PENWELL, CORBIN 44.94 MRYC 4 1 2 7
2 19 Patricia MACIELAG, JOHN 72.96 RHYC 1 3 3 7
3 15 JayDee NORTH, DANIEL 0 MRYC 6 7 1 14
4 2 Silver Heel ESSLINGER, PETER 34.68 CBYRC 3 2 RAF 14
5 3 Magic WILSON, JASON 31.68 2 8 4 14
6 4 Island Bird NORTH, JOHN 82.92 CBYC 7 4 5 16
7 20 Edmee S. PATTERSON, MARSHALL 40.14 CBMM 5 6 RAF 20
8 16 Island Lark DUPONT, TAD 32.4 TAYC 8 5 RAF 22

Rock Hall Series Results

Posted on the Rock Hall Yacht club's website:

Log Canoe Results

Photo slide show of the weekend

The weekend started out great with plenty of wind for both races on Saturday although stronger (but just enough wind) in the morning making it a great day for Log Canoes. Unfortunately the wind died out on Sunday and left everyone floating at the start line. It was a grueling race trying to find any small wisp of air to reach that finish line within 3 hours.

Edmee S. sails the Atlantic! (or something...)

Edmee S. is planning to sail from St. Michaels to Oxford in honor of the 150th year of log canoe racing. 150 years ago no one was towing around in relative comfort and no one was trailering to a convenient boat ramp - they were real sailors who bucked up, put up a sail, and delivered the boat. Okay, they may have had less sail area, but when was the last time you sailed a canoe in the Bay proper?

Here's the plan: Thursday, August 6th, 10:30am... We will start at Green "1" at the mouth of the Miles River (Deep Water Point) Once the canoe is south of Green "1" entrance to Knapps Narrows, you can drop sails and tow through. Once East of Green "5" on the Choptank side of the narrows, you must start sailing again. Finish will be R"2" off the Tred Avon Yacht Club.

Rain day is Friday, August 7th, 10:30am.

We're planning to bring two chase boats and several extra crew. We're also going to try to bring some photographers from local news groups. Sailing through Knapps Narrows is not allowed (bridge tender would get mad). If you can't convince your skipper to sail around, come with us! We'll gladly accept any real sailors in need of an adventure.

Could be stupid, could be fun - most likely both. First one there gets bragging rights for the next 150 years.

First Race Weekend of '09!

It was one hell of a weekend....

The weather was very nice, not too hot and plenty of wind! The first race was set for a 2pm warning with a decent turn out of canoes, and the course was set A,Z,A,Z,A.

Heading to the first mark of the course Jay Dee had major failure... The bow sprit snapped right off causing the jib to flip around behind the foresail then 3 seconds later the foremast snapped right in half bringing all the sails and rigging down with it. It was like someone pulled the emergency brake! Although everyone was not hurt and accounted for there was just a sense of confusion and shock. Then began the task of de-rigging and towing in to shore for who knows how long....

While this series of unfortunate events was unfolding, up the course at the triangular government mark The Island bird jibbed accidentally and capsized onto the mark becoming skewered by the triangle. Eventually the sharp metal sliced right through the mainsail and had to be cut to get free of the mark...

Back down toward the leward mark the Island Blossom sailing hard fell into the  same luck as the other two canoes of the north family, and capsized.. Possibly a first as far as anyone can remeber!

Edmee S. had much more luck going for her, making it slightly further than Jay Dee and Island Bird but eventually capsizing.

We towed into the dock and watched the finish, as we did Silver Heel went down right in front of our eyes..

Much Carnage for the first weekend, there wasn't much celebrating on the miles!

And that was just Saturday!!

Returning back to the dock and watching the finsih of the race we slowly saw Silver heel , heel right over into the water with no coming back..

Edmee S. Scrapple car!

During the off season some of the crew from the Edmee S. turned their mascot "scrapple" into an automotive icon! [pictobrowser 23882489@N04 72157610904368819]

Log Canoe Demolition derby for the Boardman Olympics!

Highpoint 2008

The high point winner for the 2008 season.....

1st place - Island Lark (a Tie between Island lark and Island Blossom)

The decision went to Island lark for having the most 1st places!

2nd Place - Island Blossom

[Photo by: C. M. Rose]


[Photo by: C. M. Rose]

[Photo by: C. M. Rose]

3rd place - Patricia

Top Gun award

A tie between Island Lark and Island Blossom


Governors Cup Weekend Ahoy!

[audio:http://www.blogcanoe.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/07/europe-the-final-count-down.mp3] The final weekend, in this series of three race weekends back to back, is finally here! Hopefully it will be another great weekend like the last few, only this time we will be back on the Miles river. Hopefully we should have a large turnout of competitors! It will be nice to see Billie P. Hall and Oliver's Gift joining the fleet and maybe more!

Also, this is a special weekend because the entire Jay Dee crew will be all ladies! An entire female crew will race her for both races on Saturday. Jay Dee does not race on Sunday, due to her ineligibility to race the Governors Cup Race due to her "cut off" stern unlike all the other canoes who have a pointed bow and stern.

So everyone come out and support our Canoers, and our ladies!

The ladies of Jay Dee from John J on Vimeo

See everyone on the water!

?? ??? ? ?????? ?!

Another great weekend on the chester river, plenty of strong steady wind made for two days of great racing! Unfortunately there were only about 6 canoes that competed this weekend, but those that were able to compete raced hard and fast! Although it was a bit of a rough tow back to St. Michaels..

[audio:http://www.blogcanoe.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/07/gilligantheme.mp3] A long weekend...